Sales Conditions

According to the WARRANTY CERTIFICATE submitted with each product.

Order requests should be directed to our central facilities of INFRICO, S.L. or to our delegations. Orders cannot be cancelled when the material has been dispatched. If the material is of special manufacture, the cancellation will not be accepted once the manufacturing has started. The right to admit orders from customers who have breached previous contracts is reserved.
The particular conditions detailed in the customer order will be cancelled if they do not comply with these general conditions of sale or that are expressly accepted.

The freight will be paid when goods is dispatched through our own transport service. Otherwise or in cases of urgency of the customer, shipments will be freight collect. Our warehouses will reissue the material freight collect. In both cases, the goods will be dispatched at the expense and risk of the Buyer.

The prices listed in this tariff are RETAIL PRICES and in our central facilities or distribution warehouses. The taxes in force will be charged in the corresponding invoice. The discounts applicable to the optional elements will be the equivalent of the discount stipulated for the spare parts catalogue, except for drawers and locks when these are incorporated into the furniture.

Standard packing used by INFRICO included in the price.

No returns of material will be accepted unless expressly authorized by INFRICO. In any case, the material should be sent free of charge and expenses.

Methods of Payment
The payment of the invoices should be made in cash at our central facilities or branches, unless credit is given to the customer. In this case, payment should be made in the agreed form and place.
If before or during the order fulfillment there were circumstances that could cause default in payments, the delivery of the goods may be delayed while the buyer does not anticipate or consolidate the payment of the same.

Spare parts and accessories
No refunds will be accepted unless expressly authorized by S.A.T. (Technical Assistance Service)

In this case the Courts of Lucena (Cordoba) will be competent court.

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